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7 Places To Eat in Fuengirola, Spain

7 Places To Eat in Fuengirola, Spain

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." -- George Bernard Shaw

When you think of Spanish cuisine, the fluffy and saffron yellow, oftentimes seafood-laced, rice delicacy paella might be the first thing to come to mind. Turns out, that’s only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to Spanish food. The Spaniards like their meals flavorful, served at all hours of the day (and night), and oftentimes presented in the form of tapas alongside a generous glass of rioja wine. After all, why try one dish when you can delight your taste buds with a variety of mouthwatering offerings? While it’s possible to get the experience at a local restaurant in the states, there’s nothing quite like tasting the original in España. And where better to sample some of the country’s best southern cuisine than in sunny Andalucia, specifically in the seaside restaurant hot spot of Fuengirola?

Unlike many sun-drenched beaches, Fuengirola doesn't fall into the trap of many tourist destinations with overpriced restaurants and low-quality food. With its prime position on the coastline, Fuengirola boasts some of the best eateries along the Costa Del Sol, including Michelin Star spots, bustling bodegas, and intimate restaurants serving the freshest seafood. Keep scrolling to see my top picks for where to eat in Fuengirola.


When You Want a Fast-Casual Atmosphere...

La Galeria Gastro-Mercado


A relatively recent addition, La Galeria Gastro-Mercado wasn't around the first two times I visited Fuengirola, and was born in February of 2016 from a modern desire for quality cuisine that can be consumed on-the-go. Various stalls offer everything from piping hot camembert croquettes to slices of the region's famed jambon (ham) in a chic and bustling atmosphere. Mingle with locals and tourists alike and stop by the Vinoteca La Bodelesa stall for a glass of wine to pair with your tapas before stepping out for a night on the town.

When You Want a Cool Ambiance...



Picoteo boasts a prime location coupled with delectable eats near the plaza. While I opted for outdoor seating to enjoy the warm summer afternoon, the inside of the bright and modern restaurant set itself apart from many of the darker and more traditional decors I'd come to expect. Their menu is nothing to sneeze at either, with beautifully plated delicacies that took my dining experience to the next level. 


The impossibly tender octopus with just a bit of extra heat was one of my favorites, as was a refreshing ahi tuna layered upon silky guacamole and topped with caviar. While I'm not usually a fan of lamb, Picoteo's sizzling lamb platter had me going in for seconds, and even thirds. 


When You Want to People Watch...



One of my favorite parts of dining out in Fuengirola was sampling various dishes while sitting out and people watching. With a bright and coastal-inspired exterior and chic design elements, Bubba.Bar was one of my favorite spots to sample some light tapas and wine while watching the locals and all the rowdy British tourists enjoy their evening. 

When You Want a Michelin Experience...

Bodega Charolais


As a destination for foodies in the Andulucian region, it's no surprise that Fuengirola has its share of Michelin starred eateries. Bodega Charolais was one of my favorites with a contemporary atmosphere and no-frills food that was simple but completely delicious. 

Their lamb chops, while not particularly beautifully arranged, were probably among the best ones I've ever tasted. 


When You Want a World-Class Ocean View...

Restaurante Serrano Playa


Located right on the beach, Restaurante Serrano Playa offers typical Spanish fare that may be nothing to write home about, even with some fresh and simply seasoned seafood dishes such as the razor clams drizzled with olive oil and garlic. The real draw is the view, especially from the outdoor seating positioned right next to the beach, which, let's be honest, I'd drink in any day of the week. 


When You Want Great Paella...

Restaurante Botavara


My aunt, who's been a longtime resident of Fuengirola, couldn't stop raving about the Sunday paella at seaside restaurant Restaurante Botavara. First of all, this is definitely a spot you want to call and make a reservation at in advance, as it can quickly get booked up. The paella didn't disappoint with generous helpings of fresh prawns, shrimp, and mussels, all served in a fragrant saffron sauce. 


When You Want Something Different...

Old Swiss House

While I once thought it would be impossible to get sick of all the tapas and fresh seafood, there are definitely some great dining options on hand if you do have a craving for something different after a few days of similar fare. Enter the Old Swiss House, which provides a dimly lit and very romantic atmosphere just steps from the Strip. 


You'll feel like you're dining in an elegant chalet in Switzerland simply a step away from the streets of Spain with the Swiss-inspired decor and largely Swiss clientele. The Old Swiss House features an older, more refined crowd (don't go to dine in anything resembling beach-wear), but it's the spot to go if you want high quality lobster, duck, chateaubriand, fondue, and everything in between.

You can't go wrong trying out the cuisine at any of these delectable restaurant choices in Fuengirola, or, if you're like me and in the mood for a foodie adventure, sample the tapas at some of the eateries over a couple different evenings.

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